British Museum explores historic secrets of gay love

British Museum explores historic secrets of gay love:
Guide to erotic LGBT objects forms part of Pride festival

There is a sculpture of the beautiful face of Antinous, at whose death Emperor Hadrian “wept like a woman”; a battered copper coin showing the poet Sappho, whose surviving fragments of erotic poetry were so intense that the Victorians called all women who loved women after her native Lesbos; and a 20-year-old tin badge demanding, “how dare you presume I’m heterosexual”.

The objects are among those detailed in a new guide to be launched this month by the British Museum, tracing a history often hidden within one of the world’s great collections.


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LGBT Milestones In Pop Culture: Timeline

“From Judy to Elton to Ellen, this timeline of LGBT pop culture milestones will blow your mind”

Here it is on Huffpost Gay:


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I love this woman.


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Actually, we’re all perfect, just the way we are. <3

Is there a right answer?

No. There absolutely isn’t. Dance. Be. Flow. Who you love is who you love—if you choose one partner over another, that’s okay. That’s the dance of life. We’re beautiful. Absolutely perfect. We all are. Same sex, hetero, trans, alone, together, in a cluster of feeling: love matters. Its gender doesn’t. I’m certain as I breathe.


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Awesome quote:

Awesome quote:

Check out Donna Karan’s Urban Zen foundation for more:

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Rhode Island Senate Republicans Unanimously Back Marriage Bill

The bipartisan momentum for equality grows with each day that passes, and it’s becoming increasingly clearer that the walls of discrimination are crumbling

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The Bi Identity – More Light Presbyterians | More Light Presbyterians

A great post from More Light Presbyterians on the bi identity!The Bi Identity – More Light Presbyterians | More Light Presbyterians.


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